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Proposal research paper childhood obesity

proposal research paper childhood obesity

he or she will add weight and become quite fleshy. This may include consulting a dietitian or physician who specializes in treating overweight children. Children who are considered overweight may find it challenging to lose weight or keep it off if they have a health condition such as juvenile diabetes or issues with their thyroid. Sorry, but copying text is forbidden on this website! The increasing number of obese parents, technology, children having no supervision after school, and the unhealthy content of school lunches are to blame for the increasing number of overweight kids in the. Parents should monitor their childrens feeding habits and take them for regular check-up. To determine whether a child is obese or not, his or her. I know when mine come home from school, the first thing they want is food.

Aside from good eating and snacking habits, exercise and physical activity is another point of concern. Ashley Jenkins, eNG 122 English Compositions II, instructor: Renee Gurley. Marvin Moss, Capital-Journal columnist, states that To many of you, This may not seem like a major event, but put yourself in a kids shoes. Start early to establish healthy eating practices at home; be a role model, kids love to follow if lead by example. Being obese as a child usually leads into being obese through adulthood. In order to determine this answer, the researcher will need to research the changes that have taken place thus far by reviewing articles that show what certain states have been actively promoting healthy eating and physical activity, like in Portland ME who has educational programs. Eating a variety of healthy foods is necessary for optimal growth and development, Protects against disease and provides energy to play, explore and learn. Research Proposal Childhood Obesity specifically for you for only.38.9/page, order now, we will write a custom essay sample on Research Proposal Childhood Obesity specifically for you. Obesity being 20 or more overweight, is considered a disease because it is associated with so many health problems, like heart disease and diabetes. The problem is becoming an epidemic since there are a number of issues that need to be tackled. Health Risk Due to Child Obesity.

proposal research paper childhood obesity

I am proposing to write about childhood obesity.
My plan is to do a lot of research on the facts about obesity.
The full report presented to the president is available online and I studied it to aid in my white paper research.
For my senior project.
In order to combat chi ldhood obesity, a few things need to be implemented.