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Essay on aunt jennifer's tigers

essay on aunt jennifer's tigers

the tigers represent Jennifers creative powers and in the last stanza they represent her unfulfilled longings. But the tigers she imagined are just opposite to her. Too late, Aunt Jennifer is gone! She eloquently voices the poem in a third-person narrative which sets herself apart from Aunt Jennifer. However, the tigers may be pacing back and forth, because their movement is restricted to their tree top since there are men present below them. Keyes considers the speakers use of the word lie to be a sly ambiguity (23). In the poem Aunt Jennifers Tigers, the Tigers are active, beautiful, and brave. A person can become violent after dealing with a difficult situation for any length of time.

Aesthetics of Power, Claire Keyes offers a different reason for Jennifers hands to be dishonest. Keyes argues that Jennifer never truly associates herself with the tigers, because to do so would unwoman her (22). In which case, let Aunt Jennifers terrified hands rest. Adrienne Rich is an astonishing woman who has used her writings to confront matters of womens oppression and the need for womens liberation from a world of male domination (Pope, Richs Life and Career). The word massive and heavily suggest Aunt Jennifer lives a demanding sort of life in which she has to attend to her husbands needs and fulfill his commands. She will die, but her art will express her desire to move proudly and fearlessly like the tigers she has made.

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They prance across a screen. She is tired of doing the household work after she got married. If Rizza is correct and Jennifers hands do not impart the truth about her life then the poem may not be hopeful, but if that is the case then perhaps Jennifers hands have been dishonest in their fluttering as well. "Aunt Jennifer's Tigers.". Aunt Jennifer may have regrets about her marriage, and her lack of understanding how oppressive it conclusion recommendation research paper would be to her.

essay on aunt jennifer's tigers

In the poem Aunt Jennifer s Tigers, the poet Adrienne Rich.
Free Essay: Aunt Jennifer s Tigers By Adrienne Rich Aunt Jennifer s tigers stride across a screen Bright topaz denizens of a world of green.
They do not fear.

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