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Why visit malaysia essay

why visit malaysia essay

learn the language, in order to gain a foothold in the administration of the country. We Malaysians are quite extraordinary. Theoretical and conceptual framework is been analyzed in this study in order to identify the main theory or factors and also to identify limitation of the study. A copy of the official letter of performing the online survey will attach as Appendix C for future reference. Table 3, travel and academic Pull and Push factor motivation. Other than the frequency analysis methods, the chi square test also will be use to test the relationship between the demographics and the travel patterns, behaviors, motivations and expenditures of the international students.

Demographics characteristic question such as gender, age, country of origin, program studying in Malaysia is in part one of the online questionnaire survey and on the second part of the online questionnaire survey is measuring the on why the international students chose Malaysia in pursuing. To investigate how much do the international students spends during their travel in Malaysia (domestically).

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why visit malaysia essay

First is gathering all the literature that is strongly related and research paper on motivation of employees filetype pdf relevant to the study to get understanding about the subjects and to educate self. Generally education activities will lead to tourism activities and indirectly benefits the country economy. The ocean is so blue while the waves work so hard to reach the shore, continuously and tirelessly. It almost seems like the whole world agreed to speak in one language. And from the list, 100 international students from each institution will be selected by using the random sampling method. The attractiveness of a destination according to Metin Kozak on his comparative analysis of tourist motivations by nationality and destinations article is an important element that pulls the tourist in their decision making towards the destination. Actually, its a good thing too! "Why students may choose Malaysia as a place to study.". Because it is an international language? In a nutshell, visiting Malaysia is a fantastic experience and also broadens our horizons. Frequency analysis is one of the descriptive statistic components where it only can be computed by the computer.

In reality, everything is all about English, English, and English! The original scientific and mathematical terms are all in English, why change them all into Bahasa Malaysia? 2.1 Push and Pull factors : Motivation on study abroad. 1) Beautiful sights, everyone who has been to Malaysia agrees that it is beautiful, it has some of the worlds best beaches and islands. Malaysia is a country that is located in Southeast Asia.

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