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Under this self-imposed belief, every rejection and every break up brings you one step closer to dying alone, unloved and forgotten. Even now, its a fairly open and shut case: he needs..
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Essay by charles spurgeon about salvation

essay by charles spurgeon about salvation

in them." This is God's decree. What shall I say unto thee but this-Come with me to the cross of Christ, and thou shalt there see something which shall remove thine unbelief. Furthermore, the faith here intended is the duty of all men. Therefore the man who has faith is regenerate ; and what means that but that he is saved, and that his faith is the instrument by which he achieves victories. The believer sees in the faith, which is simple as the movements of the needle, an indication that God is operating on the human mind, and the spiritual man discerns that there is an inner secret intimated thereby, which the carnal eye cannot decipher. You cannot save yourselves by efforts of your own, and hence we have to come to you, shutting you up to this one thing onlythat you must be saved by faith in him whom God has set forth to be a propitiation for sin. Now, there is no faith in that at all; it is simple ignorance, and nothing more. If we, in any way, set you hunting about for another way, we shall cause you to miss the one only entrance, and that will be to your soul's eternal loss. But you have not done it all till you have given a report to your Master. Again, it is because we have here the sanction of God.

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He will freely forgive you every transgression and iniquity; he is ready to forget and blot it all out. Now, let me exhort you, while you keep on praying, to mix more faith with your praying. If I could be sent to an Adam and an Eve altogether unfallen, I might propose to them the way of salvation by obedience to the law; but you have fallen, and your nature is inclined to forsake the right way. Do I in fact believe Jesus to be the one sole, only propitiating Priest, and accept him to act as priest for me? Someone must make the truth known to men. That was not the exhibition of confidence in Christ but the exhibition of a base presumption destructive to the last degree. They are not the way of the believer's salvation; they are his walk in the way of salvation. Why speak of "heathendom?" We have it at our doors.

131) Delivered on Sabbath Morning, May 10, 1857, by the REV. Urgeon at the Music Hall, Royal Surrey Gardens. Salvation is of the.

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